How to double your Pinterest followers and gain engagement.

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Double your Pinterest followers investing five minutes Daily.

Pinterest is the new in thing not only for social media but also for leveraging new business opportunities too. It is gaining a foot against the existing social media Gaints like Facebook and Twitter. And you find no reasons why you should not tap into a resource that has over one -fifth of the US women who actively use Pinterest not only in showing crafts skills but also evaluating products and brands. Pinterest grew 58% in 2013 surpassing Facebook(57%) and twitter (15%). So get along the bandwagon and start joining Pinterset. Now the obvious question is how do we get followers on Pinterest. How to get maximum engagement on pinterest and how to  get followers repin your pins. So. this post is the right place for you. Learn how to double pinterest followers easily.

Pinterest for businesses.

Pinterest has now enhanced business integrations with online and offline businesses and has enabled them to create business pages(much like Facebook pages where companies interact with the consumers directly and display their stuff to be sold), but far beyond FB pages in terms of engagement and leveraging sales. Wikipedia reports buyers from Pinterest spend $180 as compared to a mere $85 from Facebook.

Now the million dollar question is how do I start using Pinterest. Virtually because there is no friend around? And the answer is you need to first get into the field and friends will pour in. If they don’t you just have to follow these steps to gain more influence in Pinterest and just act magnet to hundreds of followers.

When I was apprehensive about joining Pinterest have a look what Harleena Singh of Aha-now had to say. I really got inspired by her lines as she has great expertise in social media.

@AgrawalSwadhin – Go ahead…its one place where your post stay the longest. Not girly at all, though females are more online, but it depend
— Harleena Singh (@harleenas) August 6, 2014

Important steps to rock the Pinterest platform:

1) Create a account:

  1. Do it like a pro.  You must create your Pinterest account very carefully because it is not for the mere Teen hangout (you can use it like that, though).
  2. Put your accurate Bio and your details about your business or blog, whatever the case may be.
  3. Upload a headshot for your profile image.
  4. Link it to your website. Bonus: Pinterest gives a link back to your site provided you verify it. Remember Pinterest is a PR9 website.

2) Share, share, share.

Sharing is the new social Mantra. If you gonna get noticed you got to share others stuffs. But be sure do it from heart. You don’t wanna be tagged as Bots,right?
The more you Pin on pinterest the more you are going to be noticed and more are the chances that people will follow you.
Did you know about 80% of the Pins on Pinterest are repins!
Pinterest displays related boards that have the same or similar image when one clicks on any image. So the more pins you have the more you gonna be noticed.

3) Promote your Pins:

  1. You must promote your pins as you do with your tweets and Facebook or Instagram account.
  2. Link your Facebook and Twitter account with your Pinterest profile and seamlessly share pins  as soon as updated. (CAUTION: don’t overdo or post every pin to FB or Twitter as that will kill the urge of your followers to check your pinterest account because they get everything cooked and packed on their choice of platform.)
  3. Create an urge to visit your Pinterest board by giving regular but limited sneak peaks of whats pinned to your board.
  4. Use pinterest’s own promoted pins feature, Just like Facebook’s promoted ads.
  5. Hold contests and organize giveaway in return for favors like Pin to win.

Here is a beautifully created infographic by that explains how to double your Pinterest followers by spending as low as Five minutes per day.

Double Your Pinterest Followers in Just Five Minutes a Day - Via DigitalGYD.COM
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This is the first part of the SEVEN part series on Pinterest tutorials. Stay tuned for the following amazing guides.  

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6 thoughts on “How to double your Pinterest followers and gain engagement.”

  1. Hi Swadhin

    I observed your each post has very relevant information and after providing the best info you leave the rest to readers how they apply it for their benefit.

    It proves you have successfully passed your initial blogging journey when rhetorics dominate the reasons.

    IT is a sign of your maturity in blogging and I get a lot from your each post.

    I have been using Pinterst for the last one and a half year. Once you become familiar with its utilities you get maximum benefit from it.

    Pinterest Board is an amazing option to expand the outreach of your posts. You can create the one your own and also join several other of your niche to increase your participation there.

    Thanks a lot for sharing a post on a topic which is still not much covered in blogosphere.

    Have a productive week :-)

    • Hello Mi sir,
      Thank you for coning over here and giving your much valued views. When we here these words of appreciation from a senior, from someone who is elder its like a blessing and a beacon to go forward with great enthusiasm.

      You are on pinterest? I am going to connect with you ASAP.

      Yes you are right Pinterest is really good at least when it comes to reliving your old posts that get buried on other social media platforms.

      And if you use the right hashtags and amazing pictures getting a pin viral is not an impossible thing.

      Thank you sir. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hello, this is really an excellent page, thank you for writing.
    I must say I really feel identified in this theme, and this is why I agree with the fact along with this you Aditya; number one!

    • Hi Pakhi thanks a lot for your sweet comment and the fact that you liked the theme wouldn’t it be nice if you put a gravatar or sign up with a google account so that we can identify. :)

  3. Hi Swadhin,

    What a wonderful post on Pinterest – great going! :)

    Yes, Pinterest is one platform from where I get DAILY traffic to my blog, even though I might be more active on G+, Twitter or Facebook. That’s because you have the power of visual effect and the more of hashtags you use with your pins, greater the reach.

    Additionally, you should join larger boards to pin your posts or any other things you like, something I learnt from another blogger, so that works well too. Loved the infographic, so detailed and tells a lot about Pinterest.

    Do add your Pinterest account to your list of social media profiles, and give us your Pinterest account link here so that I can pin your post right away. But I’d hunt you out on my own I guess :)

    Thanks for sharing, and I appreciate the kind mention. I didn’t know you were going to link our Twitter chat here – nice surprise. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Hello madam, Thank you for the compliment.It means a lot (any words of appreciation coming from your way do).

      Pinterest is really going to be a great great platform for the online biz specially bloggers because visual form of attraction are really the need of the hour and they do reach out to the right chord. And yes Pinterest is all about visual content.

      Yes thank you for reminding me to add the pinterest profile to the author bio section and other social profiles. That would be a great idea to reach out to readers and connect to them.

      Most welcome madam Yes I thought I would forst ask you on the embedding of the chat but then I thought no let that be a surprise. Glad it worked. :D

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